Empathy is not for the weak of heart…
I feel your pain…
Something you may have said yourself..

Why do women naturally relate to others pain or joy…

Why are women more empathic?

EMPATHY the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.
Being empathetic brings a new experience to our hearts.
And from research it starts in the brain..
To understand and share the feelings of others….
Challenging for humanity..
Especially for men..
Why are women more empathic?
From research at UCLA.
“Data suggest that females are better at feeling others’ pain, at really getting the feeling that the other person is having right now. Female participants in the study showed relatively higher activation in a sensory area of the brain associated with pain than their male counterparts.”
Read the full article here
In other research this is referred to as mirror neurons..
The brain mirroring the experience of another….
Recently I shared much in the area of feelings and emotions.
What is possible for men who deliberately travel down this adventurous road? 
My realization is that until I experience my own feelings, sensations and emotions my ability to be empathetic is limited.
The problem is the protective bubble and safety zone that men set up…
To check their emotions…
Does it begin with our ability or inability to handle pressure?
Or not willing to experience or feel what is so..
Or the resistance to..
The pressure…
Of being an entrepreneur…
An executive responsible for a region’s P & L…
A CEO responsible for the livelihood of your employees..
A father responsible for providing for his family..
A husband…
It goes on and on…
At times this can be a burden…
It can be heavy…
Resisting and avoiding intensifies the experience..
Bigger problems surface…
Avoiding our emotions leaves us void of others’ experiences..
The mirror neurons don’t fire in the same way as those who are empathetic..
There is nothing right or wrong about any of this..
But there is another possibility…
Another path..
My intent is to share and help men experience what might be possible…
Beyond the sedation, avoidance and ultimate separation.
When I am separated from others..
I am not experiencing others…
I am experiencing myself…
Focused on myself..
And unaware of others’..
Emotional state..
I am apathetic…
Not empathetic..

Curious why I felt alone at times in my life…
Even when I was in a room with a hundred people….
I realize the bubble, security or safety that I thought was essential for survival was holding me back from what I wanted…
What we all want..
What is human nature..
My heart and soul want connection…
My ego wants protection..
My ego wants to survive…
Both are valuable for humanity..
One is not better…
Or worse…
Both exist for a reason..
Knowing and understanding supports our growth as men..
Women are more empathic?
Brain related or not…
Men will have to work harder to be empathetic..
What is possible is to experience all ranges of emotions, low, high and mid range emotions.
To experience the grey zone of emotions..
Empathy will organically occur as a result of our ability to experience and be responsible for our own emotions..
It starts with me….
And it starts with you…
But the impact ripples throughout humanity…
If you are curious enough to have a conversation with me, let’s do that.

Realm.Men is helping men become better men..

Men helping other men..

Through empathy..
Here is what you can do, right now.
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A strategy meeting..
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You will leave the meeting with renewed perspective.
Greater awareness and insights…
You will see life differently…
And an opportunity to live life differently…
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>Inward and Onward!

Doug McGhee
Founder of Realm.Men


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