Realm.Men Initiatives

Each initiative is delivered in a high tech & virtual platform which promotes a proven system for learning and growth with five foundational themes.

  1. Consistency- daily assignments and self-inquiry.
  2. Community- peer group and like-minded professionals
  3. Accountability- personal responsibility to your peers & your coach.
  4. Application- exercises and assignments that ground and integrate the daily learnings.
  5. Commitment- scheduled and committed time for personal self-reflection.

The Sprint

Awaken. Accelerate. Elevate.

A 45 Day Program

Designed to be an introduction to the Realm.Men lifestyle and a wakeup call for men.

  • Awaken your heart and mind to what is possible.
  • Accelerate your path with a dynamic system that produces undeniable results personally and professionally.
  • Elevate your personal leadership skills by expanding your emotional intelligence.
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The Marathon

A 4-Month Immersion

A guided journey into the Realm.Men lifestyle that calls men forward to meaningful introspection, responsibility revealing a greater capacity to productivity, profits, purpose and passion.

By referral or application only & both require a personal interview with Realm.Men founder Doug McGhee.

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Private Coaching

For those who desire a deep dive – Doug works with a select one on one clients who are prepared and committed to exploring and expanding their impact to the world.

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Doug’s creativity and relatability and his obsession and passion to help and challenge men to become better men is a quantum leap in a paradigm of masculinity that he believes is bankrupt. His talks are thought provoking and insightful for both men & women.

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Realm.Men Awaken.Accelerate.Elevate
45 Day Initiative

Realm.Men Journal
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Hear What Our Members Have To Say

Tripp Gebhard

Realm helped me deconstruct my secrets and debilitating shame and transformed them into my greatest assets. I was able to mine my resentments and now I lead my family and business with passion and purpose.

Ed Schenkein

Realm.Men is a sacred community where I can be my authentic self, be called out when I am not and learn and grow with the help of the other members.

Drew Boland

What Doug’s program did for me was inspire me to declare my goals and to keep me aligned with those goals so that I could reach them without sacrificing the other areas of my life.

Chad Drachenberg

The Coaching of Doug McGhee has played an enormous role in both my personal and business growth.

Richard R Schultz

Doug’s leadership has inspired me to take a deep dive to find My Truth, stop lying to myself, to get real and raw about who and where I really am.