October 13, 2018
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October 13, 2018 Doug McGhee


The bigger our visions are the more opportunities there are for distractions.

Today I was distracted with a variety household responsibility. The rental properties need to be winterized, bills need to be paid; I have a list of tasks to handle to move projects forward, I want to exercise. On and on and on!

My thinking was everywhere but it was not here now.I almost missed saying good-bye to my wife because I was in a whirlwind of thought and going nowhere fast. Life doesn’t happen in the future or in the past it happens now. Ultimately being present or BEING HERE NOW, is a choice we can all make. It’s simple but not easy because our culture challenges us to be present. Our culture supports distraction and disconnection.

I taught yoga for seven years and I still maintain a committed practice. Breath and focusing on your breathing is the kryptonite for distraction and allowing your mind to wonder and be distracted. Focusing on your breath for 90 seconds will produce magic.

Here is a practical and simple solution that if done three times throughout your day will support you. Bring your attention to your breath, count to 6 on an inhale and 7 on your exhale.
Set a timer for 90 seconds and bring yourself back to now, which is were life occurs.

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