October 15, 2018 Doug McGhee


One definition of karma is: for every action there is a reaction.

Karmic loops are behaviors and patterns that are repetitive: the same action produces the same reaction or result. If you want different results in in your life you will want to change the actions that are producing the results.  Notice I said “want” not the heavy “need” that is typically inserted in the change conversation. For example, every April and October, my wife and I commit to a two-week cleanse. We don’t “need” to we “want” to. There are extraordinary physiological and emotional benefits from cleansing in the spring and fall, which I will save for a later post.  As it relates to karmic loops, cleansing two times a year changes my behavior related to food, sugar, caffeine and alcohol.  A new action called cleansing shifts the status quo to new rituals and behaviors. The beer and potato chips that taste so good a month ago are no longer appealing.  By the way, I love a cold beer and crunching potato chips, so this is not a small thing for me. The longer we stay in a loop the more challenging it is to eject.

The patterns and behaviors become solid. We begin to think that is just how it is or who we are. Karmic loops can be powerful and supportive or destructive and limiting. I rarely miss a yoga class on Mondays. I love yoga on Mondays because I like the foundation of starting the week with yoga.  This is a karmic loop or behavior that is powerful and supportive to a vital lifestyle.  Other behaviors like beer and potato chips everyday year after year may be limiting.  How do I eject from a destructive karmic loop?

1) Awareness – the loop is no longer serving me.
2) Desire to change – another result with a compelling plan and a big ass why?
3) Action.

Nothing will ever change–I mean nothing without a commitment and an action toward your desired result.

“The patterns you perceive are not the cause of the behavior they are the result of the behavior.” ~ Stephen Chandler[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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