Reforge Masculinity

The life and legacy you desire are waiting.

Are you committed to becoming a present and empowered leader, husband, and father? Are you prepared to fully love yourself and your life?

You’ve already succeeded at so much in your life, so why the nagging feeling that something (or maybe a lot) is missing? Why, despite your many successes, is it such a struggle to realign for lasting change? Hell, what does it even mean today to be a successful and fulfilled man?

Here’s the no-bullshit truth: your only obstacle is yourself. Sure, for millennia, society didn’t offer men permission to be vulnerable, admit fault, or prioritize their own growth, but it’s a new millennium and a new world. And still we find ways to side-step the work of personal and professional growth. We make excuses and put it off, we lie to ourselves and others about how we don’t need it. Stubborn-headed, we resist change.

The Realm.Men Initiative

To finally cross the threshold of change in the four realms of life—professional, physical, relational and spiritual—we believe men need a push.

The Realm.Men Initiative is a lifestyle that challenges men to develop new perspectives, goals, and habits—aligned with their true selves and a 21st-century vision of masculinity.

The Realm.Men Initiative is also a community, where brothers-in-change provide the support and accountability needed to prevent stalling and backsliding.

Set fire to what’s holding you back and build, from the ashes, the life and legacy you desire.

Hear from Our Community

No matter where you are on your journey of personal growth and self-discovery, Doug will meet you there and will undoubtedly enhance your life, which ultimately trickles down into every realm and relationship in your life.


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Coach Doug McGhee

Doug is a thought leader obsessed with challenging and empowering himself and others to see life differently so that life can be lived differently. Doug believes “the Work” of self-improvement is a lifestyle choice that continues until our final breath.

For over 20 years, through group initiatives, 1:1 coaching, speaking engagements, and thought-provoking writing, Doug has sought to inspire other men to make the same commitment to “the Work,” helping transform their lives for the better.

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