We Are Adventurous Souls

There are millions of men in our culture who have misplaced their edge and vitality for living. These complacent fathers, husbands and purposeless men are stuck in patterns and beliefs that reinforce the stagnation of their Spirit. They are dying inside. Many irresponsibly venture to the dark side of their consciousness, negatively impacting their families and communities. On the other end of the spectrum, there are many men who are chasing a dragon’s tail. They exhibit addictive behaviors that are never satisfied and continue to look for outside confirmation for peace IN mind and happiness. Hedonistic pursuits negatively impact their lives and those who love them.

Men who embark into Realm with heart create vision through action and balance while being willing to embrace the edge of their unique purpose. Men are born with the heart of a warrior. We are adventurous souls who hunger for exploration. Intuitively we know our unique qualities. We know this unique blue print can ignite our passion for life and when we join others who carry the same fire, we fulfill our destiny and begin to live a life of purpose with our destiny partners.

Men are creators and warriors in so many areas in life but it is an extraordinary man who lives from his heart and has surrendered from the machismo archetype while still maintaining incredible power and intimacy. The decision to fully commit to transformational improvement will produce exponential results in the four realms of business, vitality, heart, and relational, with your life anchored in direction, meaning, and purpose.


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