Coach Doug McGhee

Doug is a thought leader obsessed with challenging and empowering himself and others to see life differently so that life can be lived differently. His personal journey as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, elite athlete, yoga instructor, and healer makes Doug a renaissance man in today’s culture of personal empowerment and breakthrough coaching.

For over 20 years, through coaching, speaking, and thought-provoking writing, Doug has sought to redefine masculinity and inspire other men to transform their lives for the better.

Doug's Approach to Coaching

Doug believes “the Work” of leadership development and self-improvement is a lifestyle choice that continues until our final breath. Embodying a new lifestyle is hard work, so to provide the support and accountability men need along their journey, Doug uses an innovative alchemy of individual and peer-to-peer coaching.

Components of Doug’s approach

  • Individual coaching paired with peer coaching
  • Collaborative community-building
  • Provocative topics of study and discussion that foster introspection and growth
  • Concepts grounded in men’s lives
  • Committed daily rituals that, when practiced, lead to breakthrough results

Together, we are building a community of 21st-century men, each with greater capacity and power than they ever imagined possible.

Doug's Journey

My father was absent from the age of 3, and the wound of his absence and alcohol abuse changed the trajectory of my life. Even at an early age, I vowed to be a different man than my father: a provider, a presence in my family’s life, a powerful force in the world. Being raised in a single parent household helped teach me the independence and self-reliance I would need to make good on that vow. But I also learned how invaluable it is to have a support structure like the one provided by my mother and siblings.

When I was 15, I had my first true epiphany. I had recently broken my wrist but didn’t have the luxury of skipping work. As my mother drove me to bus tables at the local steak house, we discussed how I would do my job despite the limitations of the massive cast on my arm. I made it through the evening, and decided then and there that life is truly “mind over matter.” Since then, I have made it my life’s work to train and leverage my mind.

After college, I jumped into the business world and created success at every turn. Selling copiers led me to finance which led me to commercial banking which ultimately led me to mortgage banking and finally to the co-founding of a mortgage firm. Yet even at the height of my success, I still felt hungry for a deeper and broader understanding of myself, my relationships and my life. Was I as good as I could be? Was I truly fulfilled?

I resisted what my heart was telling me, burying the truth of my dissatisfaction in the never-ending quest for more in a material world. Finally, one day, I’d had enough. It was time to focus on my true self and what it needed. Through that work, I came to found Realm.Men, an initiative to guide men of influence through their own personal and professional growth. I feel honored every day that I get to coach these men along their journeys, and I know that I will never find greater fulfillment than in their brotherhood and the legacy I will leave for my family.

I share all this because I want my clients to know that I’ve been there. I’ve scratched and clawed my way to success from humble beginnings, I’ve endured my share of scars and bruises along the way, and I had the courage to give it up to keep evolving. You too can find the same imagination and commitment to bettering yourself, and I’m here to help.