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The Realm.Men Initiative is a lifestyle that challenges men to develop new perspectives, goals, and habits—aligned with their true selves and a 21st-century vision of masculinity. It is also a community, where brothers-in-change provide the support and accountability needed to prevent stalling and backsliding.

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Why Join Realm.Men?

  • Bridge the gap from falsehoods to your true self and embrace your unique purpose.
  • Awaken yourself to the capacity and power to do more than you ever knew.
  • Break through your mental and physical limitations for better health and wellbeing.
  • Access your vulnerability to develop increased confidence to make lasting change.
  • Strengthen your relationships with business partners, employees, friends and family.
  • Build the habits for a mindful lifestyle overflowing with vitality and joy.
  • Reignite passion in a sexless marriage.
  • Unlock your mind and open your heart to freedom, abundance and unlimited opportunities.

Why It Works


Everyone’s best self and best life look different. In the first part of your journey, you will learn to create space every day for self-reflection in order to connect with your true self. Then, in the second part, you will be guided to set your own long-term goals to fully see and experience your true self. Your unique purpose is only meaningful if it comes from the heart.


When battling our unhealthy habits and worst impulses, it’s human nature to cut ourselves slack. But your brothers-in-change want to see you succeed, and they won’t be afraid to challenge you. As boys, we were taught that strong men handle their own business without the help of others, but any self-respecting soldier knows he is stronger when his brothers have his back.


Fear holds men back from opening up. Fear that other men are not like us, that they will not understand our problems, that we will not like ourselves if we’re being honest. Doug McGhee will be the first to open up about the struggles he’s faced, and once he takes a hammer to the dam, you will be freed to let everything pour out, safe in the knowledge that you are not alone.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t change overnight. Real change requires a focused commitment to doing the work. As successful men, we juggle many commitments — business, family, social, and personal. Realm.Men is designed to keep you returning to the work on a daily basis, establishing healthy habits without overwhelming your packed schedule.

Hear from our Community

Doug is one of the most engaging, caring and empowering people I know. I have watched him lead and coach numerous people over the years to realize their higher potential and happiness. has transformed my life by giving me an amazing community of men who give me perspective, support and accountability.

Realm has been nothing short of a life changing experience and serendipitously found me when I needed it most during a personal crisis. It’s like I called this into my life and the universe delivered. The program helped me to restore balance in my life, gave me the awareness needed to see life differently, and ultimately gave me the tools and resources needed to build power (depth) and capacity (breadth) that leads to REAL results. Most importantly, the power of community allows for shared perspectives, support, integration, and accountability.

It’s rare to meet a man that leads with vulnerability in today’s macho society, but Doug is a natural leader who is relatable, inspiring, and intuitive. His program uniquely incorporates every aspect of your life squarely into four Realms—Professional, Relational, Spiritual, and Physical. No matter where you are on your journey of personal growth and self-discovery, Doug will meet you there and will undoubtedly enhance your life, which ultimately trickles down into every realm and relationship in your life.

I availed myself of the opportunity to work with Doug starting 4.5 years ago. I knew I was ready for growth, and was unsure in part where I was headed or all the things to focus upon. I knew people who had great results from working with Doug. I was intrigued by REALM.MEN as a structure to work within a community to support me, to learn from, and to contribute to. Lastly, I could incorporate this into my daily routines. I have grown immensely, in all my roles. I have tools, support, and confidence to move myself forward, After all. I am the primary person in my own way. I can see or be shown the things I’m avoiding, those where I excel, and move forward with strength and velocity untapped previously, I am more self-aware, take care of myself before servicing others and have more time for family, work and community. Contact me, I’m happy to share more and help you in your journey!

Not everyone who applies will be invited to participate. You must be committed to the work and have a courageous heart. Complete the short application process (free), and candidates with a courageous heart and a commitment to change will be invited to take the next steps.