Testimonials from Our Members

It’s rare to meet a man that leads with vulnerability in today’s macho society, but Doug is a natural leader who is relatable, inspiring, and intuitive. His program uniquely incorporates every aspect of your life squarely into four Realms—Professional, Relational, Spiritual, and Physical. No matter where you are on your journey of personal growth and self-discovery, Doug will meet you there and will undoubtedly enhance your life, which ultimately trickles down into every realm and relationship in your life.


The two shifts I saw in my husband because of the Realm.Men work. His confidence and certainty was restored. We could be lovers, partners. No longer always having to support him emotionally because he was receiving support from the Realm community.  This is a relief for me and shifted the dynamic of our relationship.


Doug is one of the most honest and caring people I have ever met. He’s one of the good guys—one you instantly trust which is a rare quality in today’s world. I have not found many men who have the ability to consistently show up with the heart of a champion and the courage of a true leader.


Doug is one of the most engaging, caring and empowering people I know. I have watched him lead and coach numerous people over the years to realize their higher potential and happiness. Realm.Men has transformed my life by giving me an amazing community of men who give me perspective, support and accountability. Realm.Men has also provided daily practices across my body, spirituality, relationship, and business that have served me to be a better man who can authentically create community and connection. If you are looking for an amazing coach/speaker, I can think of just a few compassionate powerhouses like Doug.


Doug, I call you The Empowerment Champion. What an awesome call today.


Realm has been nothing short of a life changing experience and serendipitously found me when I needed it most during a personal crisis. It’s like I called this into my life and the universe delivered. The program helped me to restore balance in my life, gave me the awareness needed to see life differently, and ultimately gave me the tools and resources needed to build power (depth) and capacity (breadth) that leads to REAL results. Most importantly, the power of community allows for shared perspectives, support, integration, and accountability.


I could make this very pithy with a simple “Doug is awesome”. But let me expound. Doug is insightful. Doug is gracious. Doug sees through BS and makes sure you do too. Doug empowers. Doug is real. Doug coaches tools and techniques that work. Doug is caring. Doug is wise. Doug helped me to become a more powerful, engaged, creative, passionate and disciplined father, husband, business executive, and human being. I love Doug!


I availed myself of the opportunity to work with Doug starting 4.5 years ago. I knew I was ready for growth, and was unsure in part where I was headed or all the things to focus upon. I knew people who had great results from working with Doug. I was intrigued by REALM.MEN as a structure to work within a community to support me, to learn from, and to contribute to. Lastly, I could incorporate this into my daily routines. I have grown immensely, in all my roles. I have tools, support, and confidence to move myself forward, After all. I am the primary person in my own way. I can see or be shown the things I’m avoiding, those where I excel, and move forward with strength and velocity untapped previously, I am more self-aware, take care of myself before servicing others and have more time for family, work and community. Contact me, I’m happy to share more and help you in your journey!


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