Speaking Engagements

Lessons from the Heart





No one’s checking their phones when Doug McGhee speaks for a crowd.

His talks are gripping, passionate, edge-of-your-seat events, creatively structured to be both thought-provoking and interactive. Because what better indicator is there of a talk’s success than if it inspires real action and change in the audience? Companies, groups, and more have all benefited from working with Doug.

Through his work with the Realm.Men Initiative, coaching built around engaging communities of men in the work of self-reflection and self-improvement, Doug has mastered the art of creating spaces for openness and vulnerability.

Always the first into the fray, his refreshing honesty and relatability help to empower the men and women present to be their authentic selves as well. It’s no wonder that groups who listen and learn from Doug develop deeper communal bonds and better working chemistry.

Whether at events Doug has been an invited speaker, or when he’s facilitated retreats or conducted leadership development summits, he has been lauded for inspiring attendees at companies like VeilSun and Guaranteed Rate and organizations like Colorado Thought Leaders Forum.

If you would like to learn how Doug might be able to enrich the reflection and motivate strategic thinking of your leaders and groups, or for specific references, please contact Doug McGhee to begin the conversation.

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