The Realm.Men Initiative

Revolutionary virtual coaching for men who want more from life.

The Realm.Men Initiative is a community and lifestyle that challenges men to set fire to what’s holding them back so they can build the life and legacy they want from the ashes.

Adventure for the Soul

This 13-week guided journey is the backbone of the Realm.Men Initiative. On your journey, you will be joined virtually by Coach Doug McGhee and a small cohort of other like-minded men, and through this community, we will give each other the intentionality, honesty, accountability, and consistency needed for true transformation. The finer details about Adventure for the Soul are on this page.

If you’re ready, the first step is to apply. There’s no cost to complete the short application process.

Doug will reach out after your application for a personal interview so you may both discuss if this aligns for all. The financial investment for Adventure for the Soul is $2500. Doug values all aspects of your investment: time, resources, courage and attention. Know that payment is not requested until after the interview when candidates with a courageous heart and a commitment to change will be invited to join Adventure for the Soul.

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What You Will Gain

  • Bridge the gap from falsehoods to your true self and embrace your unique purpose.
  • Awaken yourself to the capacity and power to do more than you ever knew.
  • Break through your mental and physical limitations for better health and wellbeing.
  • Access your vulnerability to develop increased confidence to make lasting change.
  • Strengthen your relationships with business partners, employees, friends and family.
  • Build the habits for a mindful lifestyle overflowing with vitality and joy.
  • Reignite passion in a sexless marriage.
  • Unlock your mind and open your heart to freedom, abundance and unlimited opportunities.

How It Works

Adventure for the Soul is a 13-week commitment.

Phase I: Onboarding

In the first week, you will meet Doug and the rest of your brothers-in-change, get familiar with the technology and virtual platform we will be using, and start asking the big questions.

Phase II: Self-Discovery

Over the next six weeks, you will receive daily video lessons (~8 minutes each) and related assignments to share with the group (either recorded or in writing). Your brothers will hold you accountable to the work and provide feedback. As a group, we will share every Friday to discuss the week’s revelations and learn from these insights. There will also be 1:1 coaching sessions with Doug when needed.

Phase III: Goal-Setting

In week seven, you will work one-on-one with Doug to formulate goals and targets for your growth across four dimensions—Professional, Relational, Physical, and Spiritual. After further fine-tuning with a partner, you will announce your goals to the group at the end of the week.

Phase IV: The 30-Day Challenge

Over the final 4 weeks, you will work towards your goals by integrating the tools and systems you learned in Phase II into your day-to-day life. Daily journaling maintains consistency, while weekly check-ins on Monday provide opportunities for individual and group coaching to keep you on track.

Phase V: Celebrations & Invitations

After the 30-Day Challenge wraps up, we will gather together to acknowledge and celebrate our individual achievements. You may receive your exclusive invitation to interview for the Legacy Makers, our nationwide brotherhood that strengthens us and keeps us accountable long after these 13 weeks.

Why It Works


Everyone’s best self and best life look different. In the first part of your journey, you will learn to create space every day for self-reflection in order to connect with your true self. Then, in the second part, you will be guided to set your own long-term goals to fully see and experience your true self. Your unique purpose is only meaningful if it comes from the heart.


When battling our unhealthy habits and worst impulses, it’s human nature to cut ourselves slack. But your brothers-in-change want to see you succeed, and they won’t be afraid to challenge you. As boys, we were taught that strong men handle their own business without the help of others, but any self-respecting soldier knows he is stronger when his brothers have his back.


Fear holds men back from opening up. Fear that other men are not like us, that they will not understand our problems, that we will not like ourselves if we’re being honest. Doug McGhee will be the first to open up about the struggles he’s faced, and once he takes a hammer to the dam, you will be freed to let everything pour out, safe in the knowledge that you are not alone.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t change overnight. Real change requires a focused commitment to doing the work. As successful men, we juggle many commitments — business, family, social, personal — so this 13-week initiative is designed to keep you returning to the work on a daily basis, establishing healthy habits without overwhelming your packed schedule.

Hear from our Community

Doug is one of the most engaging, caring and empowering people I know. I have watched him lead and coach numerous people over the years to realize their higher potential and happiness. has transformed my life by giving me an amazing community of men who give me perspective, support and accountability.

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We don’t allow just anyone with $2500 to participate. You must be committed to the work and have a courageous heart. Complete the short application process (free), and candidates with a courageous heart and a commitment to change will be invited to join Adventure for the Soul.

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What comes after for the men of Adventure for the Soul?

The work of becoming your best self is a lifestyle you never outgrow. It gets easier with practice, but it is easier still with the support of a like-minded community. The Legacy Makers is a nationwide brotherhood who share your commitment to personal and professional growth.

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Need a taste of what Adventure for the Soul can provide?

Our 10-Day Self-Exploration is an excellent first step on your journey. It introduces a number of key concepts, challenges you with assignments grounded in your life, and includes a free 1:1 coaching session with Doug, and is less of a commitment than Adventure for the Soul.

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