An adventure and exploration into a man’s heart, mind and soul.

Many men are carrying the weight of the world in their hearts.  In their moments of solitude, they are confused and don’t know the path back to power, liberation, and freedom.  

  • The fire and the light in their eyes have dimmed and they have accepted a mundane and mediocre life blaming others or justifying their lack of fulfillment.
  • They shut down and slide into their personal man cave- THE PIT!
  • They protect themselves by separating and hiding.
  • Men become a shell of a man because their behaviors compound the guilt and shame. 

What they don’t know is they are the way out of the mindset that created their disjointed reality. The inward journey of self-inquiry eliminates the self-deception they are living in.

Realm.Men is a community that challenges men to become better men personally and professionally. We hold the mirror up for men to explore and challenge their habits, behaviors, and thinking about who they are and who they want to become.

Men regain their ability to dream and the inspiration to lead & thrive.

Realm.Men will:

  • Awaken men to greater capacity and power.  
  • Challenge men to break through their mental and physical limitations.
  • Empower men to embrace the edge of their unique purpose.
  • Call men forward to: Learn, Live and Lead a four-dimensional life: Physically, Spiritually, Relationally, & Professionally. 
  • Uplift men to be integral members in a community of thought leaders.

“Your visions will become clear only when you look into your heart. He who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakes.”

-Carl Jung

The science behind Realm.Men is for…

  • Adventurous souls who hunger for adventure and exploration.
  • Men who know in their heart they are leaders but they have avoided or been distracted from the self-inquiry required to truly be liberated.
  • Men who are willing to crack open the stoic shell and honor their unique blueprint to ignite their passion and fire.
  • A brotherhood that empowers and challenges men to align as destiny and legacy brothers leading fulfilling and purposeful lives.
  • Learning, Living, and Leading a four-dimensional life that produces exponential results in each realm: Physical, Spiritual, Relational and Professional.
  • Men who recognize that hiding and isolating perpetuates an unhealthy lifestyle and delays the inevitable collision between a man’s ego and his soul.
  • Men who are ready to trade the man of limitation for the man of creation.
  • Men who are creators and warriors. Extraordinary men who live from their hearts and will surrender the machismo archetype while still accessing incredible power, vulnerability, and intimacy.
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Everyone wins when men do their personal work.

Men who embark into Realm with a committed and courageous heart create their unique vision and are empowered to mindfully close the gap from where they are to where they want to be.

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Their children win because men are more present and engaged.

Their wives win because they experience their husband’s humanity and renewed openness and vulnerability.

Their clients and teams win because men thrive and empower others to lead.

Hear What Our Members Have To Say

Tripp Gebhard

Realm helped me deconstruct my secrets and debilitating shame and transformed them into my greatest assets. I was able to mine my resentments and now I lead my family and business with passion and purpose.

Ed Schenkein

Realm.Men is a sacred community where I can be my authentic self, be called out when I am not and learn and grow with the help of the other members.

Drew Boland

What Doug’s program did for me was inspire me to declare my goals and to keep me aligned with those goals so that I could reach them without sacrificing the other areas of my life.

Chad Drachenberg

The Coaching of Doug McGhee has played an enormous role in both my personal and business growth.

Richard R Schultz

Doug’s leadership has inspired me to take a deep dive to find My Truth, stop lying to myself, to get real and raw about who and where I really am.