Your 10-Day Guided Self-Exploration. Begin your journey of self-examination and growth.


Like a locker room speech after a dispiriting first half, Doug McGhee will wake you the fuck up and show you what you have to play for: your life, happiness, fulfillment, and legacy. Break free from mediocrity with our 10-day series of 10-minute video lessons and journaling.

This 10-Day Guided Self-Exploration introduces a number of key concepts from Adventure for the Soul.  It challenges you with daily assignments grounded in your life and includes a free 1:1 coaching session with Doug. In the video lessons Doug will guide you through this work toward a deeper engagement for self-exploration and self-improvement. This 10-Day Guided Self-Exploration is much less of a commitment than Adventure for the Soul. It is an excellent first step on your journey.

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  • Confront your fears, lies and victimhood
  • Define your vision for an honest version of your life
  • Create strategies for identifying and overcoming the obstacles holding you back
  • Develop your growth mindset
  • Practice gratitude and self-love
  • Practice living with more clarity and courage
  • Learn what it takes to do “The Work” of self-improvement

Take the first step on your adventure to a better life.