“You are one of the most intense people I know”

Bruce stared at me.

Our eyes locked.

I can recreate the moment and it happened thirty-five years ago…

I denied it.

I resisted it.

Not for minutes but for years.

If you are reading this and know me,

you may be laughing to yourself. 


Today, I met with one of my favorite human beings, Michael. 

Michael is an insightful and compassionate man.

A leader.

Successful at many levels…

I respect and admire Michael.

He is helping me with Realm.Men and what is possible. 

Toward the end of our meeting, he looked at me and grinned. 

What I heard was.

You are passionate and intense. 


Realm.Men is intense…


Michael shared the colloquialism:

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses. 

That moment my attention was on what

Bruce shared thirty-five years ago.

I returned home after the meeting and shared with Leslie…

She laughed too. 

In a very loving way.

Like Michael’s elegant delivery.

Both masterful.

Message received.

Passionate and Intense..


The opposite of both might be apathetic. 

My first response is: NO THANK YOU!

But sure, I have also been apathetic. 

Apathy does not help men become better men.

Apathy will not impact a thousand men in this century.

That is the mission of Realm.Men.


Yes, I am passionate and intense.

I care.

I love humanity.

I needed someone to add fuel to my fire. 

To challenge my thinking.

My reasons.

My excuses.

My justifications.


Will Realm.Men be the fuel that ignites your fire?

Challenging… your reason, excuses your justifications?



I understand that there is a low flame

and a high flame coaching. 

The magical message I received from Michael and

Leslie this morning. 


Scalpel or chainsaw. 

A hug to lift someone up.

Or a spark to wake them up.

Each is an effective tool, depending on the circumstances,

and I have experienced both. 

Receiving and the delivery. 


How about you?

Are you using a chainsaw when a scalpel might be more effective?

Or would greater passion produce the desired outcome?


There can be a wake of problems that occur from using

the wrong tool at the wrong time. 

We don’t know what we don’t know until we have an awareness,

and once we have an awareness, we have a choice. 

Personal development and coaching will elevate a man’s awareness. 

Expand his mind, clarify his choices, actions creating predictable

results that impact humanity in his own unique way. 

Today Michael and Leslie used a scalpel, but it felt like a chainsaw.

The experience has had a massive impact on me, for me and for

every man in our community. 

And beyond.  


Most men don’t have access to communities like Realm.Men. 

Or the awareness that they exist, or an understanding of

why they are valuable. 

Like me, they put their head in the sand and grind. 

Push, try harder, turn up the volume, increase the intensity. 

Hoping there will be a breakthrough. 

That is when the overwhelm and exhaustion sets in. 

What we don’t realize is the impact on our health, well-being,

relationships and our productivity. 

Our purpose and our legacy. 


What are your greatest strengths, and

how are they your greatest weakness?

And how are they impacting your life today?


Doug McGhee
Founder of Realm.Men