?Men You and I are not Greek Gods.
?We do not have to hold the weight of the world on our shoulders.
✅To our Women friends.. we are sorry… please help men find the code to crack the cycle of abuse and violence.
The Patriarchy that has existed for over 10,000 years is broken and a product of boy psychology… not an integrated healthy masculinity.
Why do we men often do the opposite of what they want?
For example we want connection but we isolate or hide.
Creating separation from those who love us. Driving others away by our sharp words or a passive aggressive behaviors.
Or we want freedom but we dig in and resist the precise decisions that would offer our ? hearts freedom.
Men, have you ever experienced the passion and desire of an idea and tried to talk yourself out of it?
Women have shared with me how sexy it is to see a man with passion in life.. not sex but passion about life.
Other men are either inspired by a man’s passion or they want to cut him down.
I am referring to the the passion that lights up a room. ?Passion that drives a man to create and build legacy. The kind of passion where you go to bed at night thinking about it. It hovers in your unconscious mind while you sleep and ? BOOM? there it is when you wake.
“Men hold the weight of the world on their shoulders.” We are doing the best we can with what we know. But many are struggling. How do I know?
✅I did, I have and I do.
✅ I engage in hundreds of conversations each year with men.. and they share in confidence with me what is really going on in their life.
✅Ask any women who is in a relationship with a man over 40. And most will admit they are receiving the short end of the stick. The outbursts, the blame, the emotional ice box, the criticism.
The momentum of the downward spiral can be reversed.
Why do men treat those they love the most POORLY?
Because men are in emotional pain. Men are hurting. Men are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and are failing… feeling guilt and shame.
But they don’t know how to reverse the drift.
Doesn’t asking for help make you weak?
Go alone.. hide… cover it up with the mask.. everything is fine.
Men typically do not have a healthy sustainable model for personal growth.
In my experience men thrive when they invest in themselves. Not a weekend workshop that has a half life of enthusiasm. But consistently.
What else works?
Begin with the bedrock of our personal truth.
Fracture the old stoic paradigms that are leaving men lonely, lost, and isolated. In turn, inflicting their pain on the lives of those they love most.
The cycle is a closed ended system.
The good news is that men can decode the system that has existed for thousands of years.
What happens when the system is shattered?
Men win, women win, children win, families win, generations win.
Doug McGhee – Founder