Shh, I know your secret!


One problem in a man’s life are the secrets and transgressions he tucks away.


The ones he hides from others. The smallest secret demands attention and limits creativity. It may not be significant but when you find yourself thinking about it, your energy drops. You omitted a detail from a conversation with your business partner. Your accountant or the IRS. 


How about withholding details about a surprise party for your wife?


Each example impacts our energy and attention. The longer we hide or avoid the secret the more attention it requires to hold onto the secret.

It’s like holding a beach ball under water. It’s easy to do at the beginning but it requires more energy, effort, attention and focus the longer we hold it down.

You are holding onto a secret and each moment it drains, leaks and requires more energy. Secrets or transgressions build up in life and rob us of creative energy, inspiration and joy. We plot and build strategies to protect ourselves. We don’t want others to discover our secrets.


What might be equally as damaging for men is that we plan hidden agendas.

These hidden agendas temporarily help us feel better about ourselves and the guilt of withholding or protecting or lying. Ultimately the strategy impacts relationships, sleep, health and increases anxiety, uncertainty and drains our power and confidence. 

Being found out, as a fraud, paranoia and doubt. 


On the affirmative, let’s use the example of the surprise birthday party for your wife. Days, weeks or months you have planned a party. Withholding information, logistics, telling mistruths to ensure the surprise is safe. Enrolling friends and family in your plans.

The tension builds as you get closer to the big reveal.

You avoid conversations or even looking into your wife’s eyes.

Fearing she might ask a question. Finally, SURPRISE, celebration complete!


The tension and inner drama lifts and your wife is overwhelmed with joy and delight. The party is a massive success but, what if it is a secret or secrets that you don’t want to reveal?

Imagine this occurring little by little over time with those that you love the most in your life. 

The fact is men hide their secrets, that is why we call them secrets. Men also lie. Being exposed scares men more than the pain of the secret or a lie… until it doesn’t. 

The box shrinks and pressure builds. 

Separation, distance, rejection, loneliness, isolation, sleepless nights, and many more limitations occur. Hoping, avoiding, pretending, tucking your secrets in the dark corners of your mind, makes things more challenging. 


Does this make sense? 

If this strategy was effective, it would have worked for millions of men already.

But it doesn’t work.


What does work?

Every man on the planet has secrets.

I have secrets…

You have secrets….

Your neighbor has secrets….


What I have discovered and it’s quite funny. 

Many of our secrets are the same but nobody is talking about them. Why?  Because they are secrets.


This was me. Transgression and secrets that held me back in areas of my life. Worry, anxiety, fear, feeling tired, paranoia, doubt, lack of energy. My liberation was not graceful by any means. 

But IT WAS LIBERATION and from that I learned and want to share how you can be LIBERATED too. 


Are you interested in greater freedom and liberation in life?

A deeper and richer connection with those you love?

Your wife, your children. You might be amazed how easy and how liberating it is.

I know the “Mental Hell.” I know “WORRY.” I know “NUMB”


I have been where you are: disempowered and lost.

I was operating at about 50% power. I was consumed by protecting my self image. Distracted and missing out on precious moments in life. 


This may not be you, but I have talked with hundreds of men and this is the one thing many have in common. 

And the secrets, lies, transgressions and hidden agendas are holding men back in life, keeping them down. As leaders, fathers, and husbands. 


Can you relate?


Then, would you like our help?

Not because I read a book, or watched a Ted Talk or listened to a podcast. I lived it, I experienced it and you will learn how other men like you have freed up massive attention and energy.

How much longer can you endure this in your life? I am not special. I overcame the limitations that I thought at one point and time were impossible to handle. 

Let’s resolve the gap together. Liberate yourself from your secrets and transgressions, it is not complicated or difficult.


If I can do it, anyone can.


Doug McGhee
Founder of Realm.Men